Welcome to CWH & Co

Marine Cargo
The company’s Principals include virtually all major UK and foreign insurance companies, Lloyds Underwriters and Underwriting Agents that provide Marine Cargo Insurance.
Transit Liability
Specialises in surveys and investigations for and on behalf of Insurers that underwrite, Freight Forwarders and Transit Liability.
Risk Management
Investigations into Company Operations, Procedures and Staff Training. In addition Examination of loss and damage patterns

About us

CWH & Co is now one of the largest independent firms of its type that specialise in surveys and investigations for and on behalf of Insurers that underwrite Marine Cargo, Freight Forwarders and Transit Liability Business.

It is also retained by many private companies involved in the world of shipping and commerce.

Since its formation in 1978 the company has maintained a controlled expansion programme and now has four operational and one administrative office in the United Kingdom together with agents throughout Europe and Worldwide.

Why us?

We have been providing services in the form of loss adjusting and surveying to the insurance industry, P & I clubs and shipping lines in the UK and Europe for nearly 40 years and therefore have unrivalled experience in the field of Marine and Goods In Transit surveying.

Our surveyors have both collective and individual expertise in virtually all aspects of cargo loss and damage over a wide range of commodities ranging from timber and associated products to fresh produce together with bulk cargoes.

All surveyors are “on call” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can cater our reporting criteria to our principals requirements and timescales.

Over the years from the three original founding partners we have recruited and grown our surveying staff and now employ a total of 9 qualified surveyors.

We operate a continual development programme to educate and inform our younger surveyors through a CPD programme.

We continue to look to recruit young enthusiastic surveyors to enhance the surveying staff.